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Popular Places In Canada People Must Visit Famous due to its beauty and some popular places situated in it. Yes we are talking about Canada. Its a country located in the northern part of North America. It is world’s second largest country by total area. As it is covering 9.98 million square kilometres. It has […]

Best Ice Cream Parlors Around The World Something we can’t get enough of it. Whether its an elder or young ones we all want it for our sweet tooth. In summers eating ice-cream gives you refreshing effect. People like different tastes of ice cream when it comes to have it. And the other issue is […]

Sleek Bazar Introduced About Fashion Business And Much More Fashion Business: Businesses utilize social media as a platform to market their products. Firstly, starting an internet business can be cost-effective when compared to starting a full-fledged retail shop. Starting a thriving online retail company is a lucrative and intriguing method to develop into an entrepreneur. […]

5 Kinds Of Burger You Must Try In Islamabad With Cheap Rates We often starve to have some special food in meal. Now a days trend of eating junk food is at its peak. Specially our youth want to have junk food more than home cooked. But having junk food on daily basis cost a […]

How Bullying Destroying The Lives Of Students Bullying is an unwanted aggressive behavior among the school aged children which involves a real imbalance power. The behavior is being repeated many times. In this case both the kids who are bullying and who are being bullied may have several problems that lasts longer. Kids who bully […]

Styles Of Hijab A Girl Can Carry Easily Hijab is a veil which is worn by Muslim women and many other women also carry it. It usually consist of covering your head and chest. Believers would only like to wear a simple black hijab, wrapped around her head and paired it with an abaya which […]

5 Famous Places Of New York City A Tourist Must Visit One of the greatest cities in the world, the NEW YORK CITY is always a whirlwind of activity. It contains many of the famous sites for the tourists to visit. But time will get short to visit all of them. Some people go there […]

Education Systems – Things to Get Improved By Society Education is one basic need to everyone. It helps you in every field of life. One must get education in their life. Though in many areas its not easy for everyone to get proper study facilities due to mismanagement of education systems. In fact in urban […]

HEALTHY TIPS TO BE ACTIVE AND SMART Who doesn’t wants to be active and smart? Well to be honest to get these qualities you should have healthy diet. We all need some fats in our diet but do take care of the amount of fats in your diet. To be healthy follow few steps: Don’t […]

Stars Of Our Lives Without Whom Life is Incomplete We all would agree with the fact that our lives would be totally boring. If we don’t have Stars in our lives. Here I am not talking about the stars shining on the sky lol. Neither those industry film stars. Well yes I am just simply […]

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