How Bullying Destroying The Lives Of Students

Written by on April 8, 2018

How Bullying Destroying The Lives Of Students

How Bullying Destroying The Lives Of Students

Bullying is an unwanted aggressive behavior among the school aged children which involves a real imbalance power. The behavior is being repeated many times. In this case both the kids who are bullying and who are being bullied may have several problems that lasts longer.

Kids who bully others use their physical strength or popularity mostly to degrade others which may lead the bullied person to many damages. (Avoid it please!). Bullying includes actions such as making threats, attacking someone physically or verbally, spreading rumors about others and excluding them from groups on some purpose. There are several types of bullying which includes:

  • Verbal: Teasing, taunting, name calling, some inappropriate sexual comments as well.
  • Social: Spreading rumors, embarrassing someone in public, telling others not to be friends with that person
  • Physical: Hitting, pushing, spitting, kicking, making hand gestures, taking or breaking someone’s things.
How Bullying Destroying The Lives Of Students

Just by reading such acts of bullying one can easily judge the consequences those will face who are getting bully. A normal person can easily get into depression and destroy his/her life. Due to this chronic stress occurs in one’s body and it may effect his/her physique. The person can also think of doing suicide as well. This is really harmful though.

Bullying increased the rate of depression, anxiety, chances of obesity, short of life span and having diabetes too. These days rates of cyber bullying is increasing day by day. Children of different ages are bullied these days. In result they refuse to continue their studies also. In many cases parents are unable to know the reason of their child’s problem which causes tension in them.

How Bullying Destroying The Lives Of Students

Verbal bullying: 

It is so much annoying as your ears don’t want to listen to anything to whom you doesn’t relate. You might get sick or get into depression. Some people who got depression acts so awkward that its no easy to handle them.  Infact in normal days if we tease our friends too, they also get annoyed after some limits. One should not do such acts with anyone.

Physical bullying: 

It can be very dangerous. While kicking or hitting the other may get some injury. If the injury would be serious the result will might be in loss of one precious life. This would be loss for every single person who belongs to that person.

Some serious and strict rules must be followed to stop this harmful act bully.

How Bullying Destroying The Lives Of Students


Before doing this act one must think about themselves. May be they also become victim of bully some day. Try to quit this habit if anyone of you having it..hehe

So everyone spread the news and quit this act as soon as possible.

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