A Short Trip To Dubai Lifestyle – Enjoy it

Written by on April 15, 2018

A Short Trip To Dubai Lifestyle – Enjoy it 

A country which is famous for its sightseeing attractions and tallest building Burj Khalifa, shopping malls which are full of aquatic mammoths. Yes we are talking about Dubai.  This city is famous for world’s only 7 star hotel Burl Al Arab. Dubai lifestyle is something very interesting to explore. From their food to their culture every thing is different in its own way. We are going to tell you every thing to know about Dubai lifestyle. So hold your breath and enjoy this amazing short trip to Dubai lifestyle.

A Short Trip To Dubai Lifestyle - Enjoy it 

So basically Dubai is an Arabic speaking country but many signs are both in English and Arabic. Most commonly language used in Dubai is English because people find it more convenient to communicate with each other.

Religion In Dubai Lifestyle:

Islam is the religion followed in Dubai lifestyle. The city is dotted with elegant mosques. However Dubai is a liberal city. On the whole, all the mosques are not open for all faith citizens except Jumeirah Mosque is ready to open for all faith people. Dubai has a very open approach to religious observance and has donated lands to build houses of worships for citizens of other faith.

How to dress up in Dubai Lifestyle:

Well in Dubai there is no requirement for women to wear Hijab or Abaya. To dress modestly just avoid revealing your midriff, wearing any short shorts or any backless outfit. If you want to stay there with respect than following Dubai Lifestyle its good enough to wear a dress which covers your whole body in good way. Some people prefer to wear skimpy tops but they do wrap shawls when they visit malls. As the temperature in malls are quite cool due to air conditioning system. So its easy to adjust yourself in their lifestyle of dressing.

A Short Trip To Dubai Lifestyle - Enjoy it 

Tax free lifestyle:

One of the best thing that draws most people to Dubai is there tax free lifestyle. That’s right you heard it correct, you don’t have to pay tax on anything. Wow what a relief though! Not having to pay tax on groceries, salary and imports saves a huge amount of money to spend on different activities.

Apartment Living:

In UAE houses and villas are extremely uncommon unless you are a millionaire. So mostly people prefer to live in apartments.  if you are planning to visit Dubai so its confirm that Dubai Lifestyle regarding living there is little bit different.

The Weekends Are Little Bit Different:

It is usually off on Saturdays and Sundays, but you are used of working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. But in UAE weekends falls on Friday and Saturday. Meaning as Thursday nights get more fun and Sunday mornings can be real chore. Well its not so difficult to manage but can be trouble for some too.

It’s Expensive But Livable:

Unlike other cities Dubai Lifestyle is expensive to live your life. But there is no need to get worried because the tax free lifestyle and the salaries match the cost of living.

Well except some of these facts about Dubai Lifestyle you may witness something different when you visit it yourself. Do share your favorite activity regarding lifestyle in Dubai!

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