Top 5 Countries that Offer Education at Minimal Costs to Foreign Students

Written by on April 17, 2018

Top 5 Countries that Offer Education at Minimal Costs to Foreign Students

As we are aware of the fact that the definition of foreign student varies from country to country, according to the education system of the particular country. Well studying from your country to another country is not an easy task. There comes a huge difference in their education system as well as in the living standards and other perceptive. Mostly foreign students want to avail foreign student scholarship due to the cost of their foreign student program. Otherwise one would have to do a part-time job to meet his both ends.

But wait minute! There are many countries who offer the best education at a very low cost which is almost equal to foreign student scholarship. So better not to get disappointed and have a look on top 5 countries that offers foreign student scholarship for foreign students programs for foreign students.

Top 5 Countries That Offer Foreign Student Scholarship.:

Excited much to get to know about those countries who offer education at minimal cost. These are:

  1. Germany
  2. Norway
  3. Austria
  4. Finland
  5. The Czech Republic

From top to end these are the top 5 countries. Let’s have a look at their amazing offers for education at minimal cost to foreign students.


No curveballs there – Germany beat the summary of countries offering an awesome minor to free education for foreign students for foreign student scholarship. The visible institute costs fall almost 150 to 250 Euros. Isn’t it just amazing for foreign students to study in such low-cost fee structure? Yes! It’s obvious now that Germany is providing cheapest rate education of great level to foreign students.

Foreign Student Scholarships Of Foreign Students Programs


Norway comes in the second rank among those countries which are providing foreign student scholarship for foreign students in their own way. The course offered at different levels in Norway is thoroughly free of cost. Regardless, the course portion of the country requires the understudies to learn Norwegian as the national tongue is used as the techniques for communication in the preparation part too. It’s not a big issue or demands you can say to avail such great offer of almost free of cost foreign student programs.

Foreign Student Scholarships Of Foreign Students Programs


To get the foreign student programs opportunity in universities of Austria some of the amounts have to pay. The amount is not as much as one foreign student couldn’t pay. Their criterion for only non-EU students costs around 730 Euros as a tuition fee, which is round about 95000 to 98000 in Pakistani Rupees. Still a better option to avail foreign student scholarship.

foreign student scholarship


In advance, the country did not charge anything from the understudies having a place with ANY nationality; preparing was without any charges, totally free of cost. This was something beyond amazing. In any case, the change has started late been executed where the primary charges they search for are from the non-EU understudies who wish to seek out for preparing in English. Overall a great opportunity for foreign students.

foreign student scholarship


The expenses of advanced education don’t make a difference to any international resident with regards to this nation. On the off chance that you, in any case, request your instruction in English, there will be a total you’d need to pay and it won’t be in excess of 1,20,000 RUPEES as educational cost expenses.

foreign student scholarship

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