This Pakistani Condom Ad Is Making People “Sharam Se Pani Pani”

Written by on February 22, 2018

This Pakistani Condom Ad Is Making People “Sharam Se Pani Pani” It is evaluated that before the finish of 2025, the aggregate populace of Pakistan would be 300 million. Consistently, an astounding number of 14,000 infants are conceived. Unimaginable, isn’t that so? Which implies 14,000 more mouths to encourage and 14,000 more kids who require instruction and to be taken legitimate care of. On a normal, a Pakistani atomic family has 5 to 6 kids in their lifetime. Most likely that we require more mindfulness and simple access to contraceptives and condoms. Along these lines, when a promotion shows up on TV of any kind of anti-conception medication it is really a snapshot of festivity.

All such mindfulness projects and advertisements are a state of advancement that necessities applaud. That was obviously until the point when individuals saw this advertisement of a condom mark named “Do Pakistan“. We as a whole have perused about the subliminal messages that typically show up in item promotions and motion pictures that is beneath a human edge however which really influences individuals to think about purchasing the very item. In any case, this item has gone far too far in being “intense” and “open” about the very demonstration. Remember when you watch this promotion, bear in mind to peruse the subtitles included.


The topic of this promotion depends on cricket, the person who is doing the voice over is really portraying the entire demonstration while is being finished. *Haraaammm* This simply influenced us to believe that would individuals be alright watching this promotion with their family? Along these lines, let’s get straight to the point about it! What’s the reason for making an advertisement? To make mark mindfulness, no? In any case, imagine a scenario in which we begin making the TVCs and print advertisements somewhat more socially worthy. It would really influence individuals to see and read it unmistakably and perhaps think about getting it?!

The words in the promotion are really veerryyy self-evident! Simply envision lounging around loved ones and you go over this advertisement on TV, everybody would scan for the remote, isn’t that so? Since the item is really for family, what about making it somewhat more inconspicuous? On a lighter note, the acting is awful as well. ? *runs away*

What do you guys think of this ad? Share your views in comments below and let us know. Maybe tag your friends? Hehe ?

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