Shocking: Here’s How Much Personal Data Facebook Has On You

Written by on March 31, 2018

Here’s How Much Personal Data Facebook Has On You


Data Facebook

Facebook is presently facing a massive backlash from both government authorities. And the people because of its failure to securely manage their private/personal data.

A shocking revelation to many, Facebook’s frame itself “allowed” a study company, Cambridge Analytica access heaps of people information back in 2014. Accounts of over 50 million users have been gathered through an easy third-party app called This Is Your Digital Life.

The same as Google, Facebook also allows you to download all the information that they collect about you, so it’s possible to know what Facebook has learned about you. Additionally, there are ways to stop Facebook from monitoring your data and activity. I have downloaded my data-archive that reveals everything Facebook has stored on me, let’s break it down. And see what is included.

Data Facebook Messages, Calls, Contacts — Everything

The archive I downloaded was roughly 400 MB and contained all advice that Facebook had on me. It includes every message you have ever sent, every message you have received, each picture you’ve sent and received, all sound files you’ve sent and received, and also all your phone contacts with their numbers and names.

Certainly, this information is utilized by Facebook to help find people and make links. However, the Cambridge Analytica case demonstrates how readily any third party may access this information and abuse it. The “contact_info” HTML file (you can open these files using your internet browser) comprises a list of all contacts, such as numbers and name, stored on my mobile phone.

Scrolling down, the file indicates a whole log of cellular calls I made, including their time, length. And number dating years ago. Exactly the same file adds a complete log of SMS and MMS sent and received.

Facebook states that they explicitly requested the users for consent before obtaining their telephone logs. However, for a number of these, Facebook gained access mechanically. And they weren’t asked for consent. I remember allowing Facebook on my phone to get my contacts but that’s not the purpose. It only goes to show how much is at stake if we hope Facebook with our personal details.

Data Facebook Even Stickers And Login Location

When we further explore the remaining documents in the “HTML” folder, then “ads.htm” includes a complete compilation of topics and things you are interested in.


These themes are utilized to customize the kind of ads that Facebook shows you. They may be used to find out your interests, your relationship status, your mood, as well as which brand of electronics you prefer. If you scroll till the end of “ads.htm” there’s a different “advertisers with your contact information” heading. Then you need to have a peek at that. Moreover, Facebook keeps tabs on each and every session of yours at the “security.htm” file. There is a different collection of IP addresses, MAC addresses. And browsers that you used to log in to Facebook.

There is a different heading which includes each and every IP address which may be used to monitor a computer’s place you have logged in with. This log also dates back years (depending on if you signed on Facebook) and tells at what time you logged into.

Data Facebook Applications, Webcam, and Microphone

Facebook also collects your real-time location data based on third-party app-usage since we frequently use it to log in to another site. These apps also help the societal network understand what occasions we use these apps, for what purpose, to socialize with whom, etc..

Bear in mind that Facebook and the third-party programs also have access to your webcam and mic at any time. Another file, “apps.htm” lists all of the Facebook-based applications which you’ve used.

It is also able to monitor each and every internet activity of its users, such as what songs you listen to, what radio stations you prefer. Which movie you would like to watch, who do you message frequently, which files you send, and also your entire call history?

If you want to check your Facebook data archive, you may download it from here.

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