Stars Of Our Lives Without Whom Life is Incomplete

Written by on April 5, 2018

Stars Of Our Lives Without Whom Life is Incomplete

Stars Of Our Lives Without Whom Life is Incomplete

We all would agree with the fact that our lives would be totally boring. If we don’t have Stars in our lives. Here I am not talking about the stars shining on the sky lol. Neither those industry film stars. Well yes I am just simply talking about the beautiful and important relations in our lives. Which are equally paying a role of stars to brighten our lives.

Imagine what would you do if you don’t have stars like Parents, Siblings, Friends, Cousins and Relatives as well.  I bet your life would be as boring as hell. These stars plays vital role in our lives because their presence is something which is a need of everyone. Let talk about in detail.


A single word that covers two stars which is the most important one. Whether you talk about mother first or father both are equally important to us. Generally fathers are of more loving nature to their kids and mothers remain little bit harsh due to her role in your life. But this relation is as pure as a baby skin. Naturally clean and pure from the heart. They have no selfishness against us. No jealousy no problem at all. Infact they will surely sacrifice their lives just to see our single smile on faces.

Stars Of Our Lives Without Whom Life is Incomplete


After parents next stars of our lives are siblings. What an amazing relation! From being youngest to getting eldest we have someone with whom we can share, fight, scream on, love, get angry and do everything we want to. Because we consider them our property. Home wouldn’t feel like home if we don’t have siblings no matter brothers or sisters only. You can easily share you griefs and happy moments with them. As they will only encourage you in every way.


Cousins are no less than siblings. They are just another siblings tree grown up by our other family relations. They are just your backup of siblings. Their importance is as same as of your siblings. You can have a good friend out of them too.


In every journey of our life, college life school life or your place of employment. You need a person who is alternate of your siblings there. As you can’t control all the things single handed and your siblings would not be able to join you at those places. So you need a special person(s) which is known as your friend. A totally out of the family member who can become your family part. One of the great star of your life.

Stars Of Our Lives Without Whom Life is Incomplete

Just like these stars of your lives there are some other as well. We should know their importance by heart and try our best not to let them go no matter what the situation is. Just hold them tight and end your journey with their happy moments and memories.

Let us know who is your favorite star of your life and family, they can also be our friends or colleges.

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