PAKISTAN COUPLE AMONG CELEBRITIES WHICH IS NO LONGER A PART OF SHOWBIZ- AYESHA KHAN AND MAJOR UQBAH MALIK Ayesha Khan She is a standout amongst the most obvious and most generously salaried on-screen characters of Pakistan, she has made her standard demonstrating quality work and flawlessness in each venture she has worked with and in. […]

A Short Trip To Dubai Lifestyle – Enjoy it  A country which is famous for its sightseeing attractions and tallest building Burj Khalifa, shopping malls which are full of aquatic mammoths. Yes we are talking about Dubai.  This city is famous for world’s only 7 star hotel Burl Al Arab. Dubai lifestyle is something very […]

Some Tips For How To Live Healthy Lifestyle We all desire to have some fitness goals, proper diet, proper way of living as well. For all such purposes a healthy lifestyle is necessary to follow. Many people are confuse with the concept of living a healthy lifestyle. How to live a healthy lifestyle? So here […]

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