PAKISTAN COUPLE AMONG CELEBRITIES WHICH IS NO LONGER A PART OF SHOWBIZ- AYESHA KHAN AND MAJOR UQBAH MALIK Ayesha Khan She is a standout amongst the most obvious and most generously salaried on-screen characters of Pakistan, she has made her standard demonstrating quality work and flawlessness in each venture she has worked with and in. […]

Why Advice for all the Newly-wed Couples? In Islam, there are different motivations to ask relational unions, for example, its advantages in defending one’s confidence, shielding a Muslim from sins of infidelity, homosexuality and significantly more. Marriage secures yourself as well as assumes an essential part in the childhood of equitable kids and upspring. It […]

Reham Khan blamed Imran Khan a couple of days back on how he was dating Bushra when Imran was as yet hitched to Reham. As indicated by the second spouse, Reham Khan, the pioneer of the political party, PTI knew Bushra for most recent 3 years and notwithstanding amid the fleeting marriage of Reham Khan […]

The news of Imran Khan marriage Bushra Bibi broke the internet yesterday Everyone was discussing Khan’s third marriage. The PTI director never denied the gossipy tidbits when they once broke about him demonstrating his enthusiasm for Bushra Bibi. He requested local people to give him protection and requesting that they make wish him fortunes for […]

some facts about Imran Khan Third Marriage No matter what is going on in the country, everyone’s attention has always been fixed on Imran Khan’s marriage. Our country is no doubt a fan of scrolling through marriage pictures but him being in them, somewhat makes it extra interesting and questionable. Maybe his timings are wrong. […]

A Teenager in Multan Marries Two Friends Each desi knows the standard undertaking of relational unions in this piece of the world. Either your folks would organize a senor or senorita for you or on the off chance that you set sufficiently out to discover one yourself, you should have your folks assent. Be that […]

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