PAKISTAN COUPLE AMONG CELEBRITIES WHICH IS NO LONGER A PART OF SHOWBIZ- AYESHA KHAN AND MAJOR UQBAH MALIK Ayesha Khan She is a standout amongst the most obvious and most generously salaried on-screen characters of Pakistan, she has made her standard demonstrating quality work and flawlessness in each venture she has worked with and in. […]

This TVC By PEPSI is Breaking The Internet AYO, AYO, AYOOOO AAAA! AAALAY, AAALAY, AAAALAYOOOOO… IT’S TIME TO DO IT ONE MORE TIMEEEEEEEEE! Give us a chance to flip the time container back around a couple of decades and review the music, cricket, and stimulation field. Each can identify with the affectionate recollections aggregated from […]

The news of Imran Khan marriage Bushra Bibi broke the internet yesterday Everyone was discussing Khan’s third marriage. The PTI director never denied the gossipy tidbits when they once broke about him demonstrating his enthusiasm for Bushra Bibi. He requested local people to give him protection and requesting that they make wish him fortunes for […]

Here read about the richest people of Pakistan.How about we see what’s the total assets and wellsprings of these wealthiest individuals of Pakistan are. They have the most beneficial money related eating regimen from every one of us! Observe! Here is The list of Top 10 Richest People of Pakistan 1. SADDARUDDIN HASHWANI Saddaruddin Hashwani got […]

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