PAKISTAN COUPLE AMONG CELEBRITIES WHICH IS NO LONGER A PART OF SHOWBIZ- AYESHA KHAN AND MAJOR UQBAH MALIK Ayesha Khan She is a standout amongst the most obvious and most generously salaried on-screen characters of Pakistan, she has made her standard demonstrating quality work and flawlessness in each venture she has worked with and in. […]

Relationship Goals That Make You Feel Happy and Complete Relationship goals is a term no one is unfamiliar with as every single person is into some relationship. To keep that relation happy and easy going we must take good care of our relation. Every relation is precious and alluring in its own way. But if we […]

How to Make a Marriage Work? Being in a relationship is fun and rainbows until you start being really dedicated to someone — dedicated enough to start your life‘s newest chapter together with them; fulfilling all the promises you made to them while you were enjoying the honeymoon period of the relationship. A good deal […]

 Adopt These Steps to Make Your Love ones Smile These Steps to Make Your Love ones Smile: Influencing somebody to smile is dependably a reward in itself, regardless of whether you’re making your down-in-the-dumps companion or a worn out clerk demonstrate their silvery whites. You can influence somebody to smile in a million diverse routes, […]

Hira and Mani are the most adaptable performing artists that Pakistani TV group of onlookers knows. Mani otherwise known as Salman was a TV have and later came into acting. Mani’s most celebrated show “Azfar Mani appear” turned into a hit and the team got acclaimed everywhere throughout the Television. At the point when Mani […]

Pakistani Celebrity Couples and Age Difference Age is something or other in our general public that is taken excessively actually once you’re a grown-up. Everything from your instruction, to finding an occupation, setting aside and getting hitched relies upon your ‘age’. You must’ve heard the celebrated saying which is, ” Har cheez Apni Umer aur […]

The moment you say ‘Love Marriage’, the very next thing you hear is ‘Toubah Toubah, Aaj Kal Tou Haya Ka Zamana Hi Nahi Raha’… For the sake of their ‘Izzat’ Pakistanis try to pose love marriages as arranged marriages. Here are the things they do… 1. GET THEIR STORIES STRAIGHT! 1. GET THEIR STORIES STRAIGHT! […]

1. FIX HIM DELICIOUS MEALS. THE WAY TO A MAN’S HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH. Believe me on this one Partner Fall In Love, men completely adore when their spouses cook their most loved dishes for them. Demonstrates to them that you think about his preferences. 2. SLIP HIM LOVE NOTES Keep quick and painless […]

She might be a solid, free lady. She might acquire her way through an occupation, however, does not imply that valor should kick the bucket, isn’t that so? Truly, these things may not cost you as much as you have everything in your mind. It, in the long run, is the thought(s) that tally at […]

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