Technology Flaws and Benefits for Children

Written by on April 3, 2018

Technology Flaws and Benefits for Children

Technology Flaws and Benefits for Children

The word technology is something known by everyone these days. Whether a person is educated or illiterate he is aware of it. As we know technology is being used by every single person. Its benefits are so helpful that every person refers to utilize advantages from different gadgets. Science has become so developed due to which new technologies are updating into markets by each passing day.

Teenagers are using technologies a lot. It provides them various help knowledge and information. They know when and how to use it in different sources. But now a days children are becoming aware of this term technology too. It helps them too but as they use a lot of it so it can be harmful either.

Technology Flaws and Benefits for Children

Some parents provides different source of technologies to their children for their extra time. Children should use technology but the main question is for how much time and when. It is not just computers and laptops but it also includes smart phones, small gadgets tablets and state of art of video games which is very common in children now.

Parents don’t need to struggle to teach their child how to use technology. Because in this modern era every single toddler knows how to play a game and to deal with a smart phone in a very smart way. Hehe. Even a millennial generation is tech savvy.  Let us talk about the amazing perks of this term as well as the flaws of using technology.

Technology Flaws and Benefits for Children

Benefits of using technology in children:

  • Children will have better motor skills. Talking about the toddlers they can use their hands and fingers more often while playing games or just roaming around with smart phones or tablets or any other technical device. They can get better control of their motor skills.
  • If you want no mess and want some peace for some hours you can leave your kid with any smartphone, playstation, Xbox, Nintendo or any other video game. They can spend many hours, weeks even years on them without making any noise. It has changed the things a lot. You can have plenty of peace time without any worried of injury or harm to your kids.
  • More usage of technology, more fun they would have. Whether its a racing game, a small puzzle to complete or any other activity children enjoys more by doing it. They understand the simple aspects of cause and effects, actions and reactions.
  • It exist everywhere. Wherever you go or move you can have it with you. A connection of wifi can solve the problem. Even in schools they can learn better through technology rather giving a whole boring lecture on something.
  • Children will remember the things we teach them with technology as it is more fun to learn from it instead of just giving them dull long paragraphs to read only without any concept or practical work.
Technology Flaws and Benefits for Children

Flaws of Using Technology in Children:

After telling you about few of the benefits we should aware you about its flaws which should be noticed by parents.

  • Continuous use of technology will lead the children to unhealthy life. Natural fun of playing in parks, sports, swimming, jumping, racing and so much things are here to do. If a child remains busy in only technology he would be unable to enjoy outdoor activities. In result they would be unfit, unhealthy and their physical development would also get affected.
  • Children will have less family and friends time. It will take them away from these relations. They do have less emotion sense as compare to elders but this is their growing age. Excessive use of technology will only make them unsocial. They cant socialise in their surroundings.
  • Extra use of it can cause development disability. Many kids are diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. ADHD, anxiety and depression are on the rise in kids. Moreover, we should not forget about cyber bullying as well.
  • Technology isn’t that cheap enough to afford every year. Children with the age of 10 or 12 demands new games and playstations every year. Parents who can even afford it would not appreciate to provide every advance technology to their kids. It will only increase their demands by each passing day.
  • Watching and using too much smart phones can cause eyesight problems which is very common though.
Technology Flaws and Benefits for Children

By summing up this useful information one should keep in mind pros and cons of technology usage.

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