Truth in our life and Islam

Written by on March 31, 2018

Truth in our life and Islam

TRUTH plays a vital and important role in everyone’s life. The concept of speaking with honesty is as important as our existence. The word truth states the quality or a state of being true by nature. Religion Islam also states to speak TRUTH. Its role is also very important in view of Islam. If one would not speak the reality and will adopt the habit of being a liar he will not survive in a way the other could survive who often speaks honestly.Truth in our life and Islam

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Advantages of speaking the truth:

  1. The person who speaks the truth will never get hurt in any way.
  2. He will always remain close to His Allah and Islam.
  3. He will reward by everything in his life as by speaking honestly he will never face any difficulty which will automatically lead him to success and high ranks.
  4. A truthful person will earn respect and dignity around his surroundings.
  5. Truth is a excellence of human attitude and it will always provide him better opportunities

Moreover, Islam also teaches us to speak the truth and it guides us in every step of our lives. There is the number of qualities and important things that Islam teaches us and being truthful is one of them. Many verses in Quran Pak also state the importance of this tiny with huge responsibility word.

Truth in our life and Islam

“O you who acknowledge! Dread Allah, and be with the people who are substantial (in words and deeds).” At-Taubah 9:119).

Almighty Allah structured the believers, to tell the truth and urged them to be among them. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a true example of being truthful to everyone and he was known by this title truthful by the people of Makkah even before his declaration of Prophethood and appearance of Islam.

Coming truthful is a key for all entryways and sorts of goodness that prompt Paradise. Confidence (Iman) and lying are two distinct characters, one is great and the other is terrible. They can never exist together in the core of a genuine devotee.

As Muslims and genuine adherents, we should come clean, stick to it and take after the great case of the Prophet (PBUH). We request that Allah make us honest subtly and straightforwardly and excuse our wrongdoings. Ameen

Life experiences of being truthful:

Being honest gives us major goals in every way. Our life experiences different chapters in which if we will choose the way of truth it will never disappoint us and by choosing the wrong path will give us roller coaster ride in every difficult way. We should do justice to this fact of our life that being truthful is never harmful and is the best way to achieve anything anytime.

Truth in our life and Islam

Last but not the least, do make this your habit of speaking with honesty and then you will find the difference in each passing day and its result will be as bright as a shining star.

Speaking with honesty and with all of your positive sense. You can achieve all that you desire. Even for your difficult times, it is only the “TRUTH” that keeps you in a safe side after letting it be shared.

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