Women rights that should be fulfilled

Written by on April 5, 2018

Women rights that should be fulfilled


In Pakistan there is a lack of rights for women in every society. Whether you are living in rural areas or urban, women rights are always being neglected. Therefore, there should be an equal opportunity for women as available for men. But our society always degrades the presence of women in every field. They have made the things limited for women which is not right at all.

In this modern era women are totally equal to men. If we compare we will get to know that how hardworking our women are. But before discussing about the women rights in Pakistan, we should first understand Pakistani society.

Pakistan is a Muslim country where people not only take pride in strictly following the Islamic views but are ready to sacrifice all they hold for the glory of Islam. Islam has highly explained the social position of women. It acknowledges the rights and privileges of women in society clearly. It does not impose restrictions on women. A woman is an  equally important member of society.


Women Rights That Should Be Noticed And Fulfilled:

Lack of Education:

In our society mostly people refer to not educate their daughters which results in lack of education. They will suffer a lot due to this fact. This women right should be provided in every area of Pakistan.


Employment Opportunities:

Many women having a good degree on their hands are not able to find a suitable employment. Women rights should be fulfilled regarding this matter. In conclusion there must be a fixed quota in every field for women only.

Say No To Violence:

Seems like none of the one is unaware about the violence with the women happening these days. There are number of cases against women violence ignored by every organization. An act must be pass on this violence problem to provide safety to women in Pakistan.


Right To Have Freedom:

Freedom is not something to mess around every where. But a freedom to raise their voices, to get equal rights, to be paid equally. Furthermore restricting women to limited extend is not justice to them. In-fact it not only makes them feel discouraged, it also make them unwanted.

There is list of women rights that should be highlighted to provide them to women. Moreover if women themselves won’t raise their voices against the fulfillment of women rights. Probably then no one will either provide them justice to this issue.


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