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South Indian Movies are not less entertaining than Bollywood movies. In this time South Indian cinema has made many of the hits which are going blockbuster, not even in India but across the world. Some of the movies are so full of entertainment and action that most of the people really want to watch them in Hindi dubbed. So far Top South Indian Movies 2018 are in the huge list but the best of them is BAHUBALLI 2 which has broken the record of Bollywood movies as well. Its the only movie so far that even 3 popular khans are unable to touch its publicity.

Top South Indian Movies which should be seen by you people are in the long list. Just like Bollywood movies they are making big hits also.


So here you go with a list of Top South India Movies 2018:

  • Dynamite
  • Rudra Tandava
  • Duvvada Jagannadham
  • The Great Father
  • Kadamban
  • Shivalinga
  • Goli Maar 2
  • Raajakumara
  • Janatha Garage
  • Dhruva

These are top south Indian movies in 2018 which are also available in Hindi dubbed. You can easily watch them and surely will enjoy it.

Discussing 5 top south Indian movies in Hindi dubbed so that you can choose easily which movie to watch first


top south indian movies 6

The movie features a remarkable mix of action and romance that is a signature move of most of the top South Indian movies. The movie was basically released a few years ago, it was finally dubbed in Hindi this year. The plot of the movie is about a young man named Sivaji, who goes on a date with a girl and the girl gets kidnapped. Sivaji will do all his efforts to find the missing girl. Do watch this movie to find the whole end.


top south indian movies 6

This is another South Indian action thriller, which was finally dubbed in Hindi. The story of the movie is about a  happy-go young man Shivaraj, whose elder brother is killed by a gangster named Narasimha. When the police are not able to do anything after their struggles to arrest the gangster, he and his father vow to take revenge. Sounds interesting to watch the movie.


The movie is one of the latest additions to top South Indian movies. Allu Arjun can be seen taking the lead role along with Pooja Hegde in this movie. The story of an honest man who will do all efforts to help people. Seeing this, a police officer asks the hero to stand as a crime fighter in the society.


top south indian movies 6

Sudeep and Nitha Menon’s Kannada film is one of the best top south Indian movies to be dubb in Hindi. In the film, Sudeep is a real estate agent, who also happens to be a robber as well. Well, this is an interesting turn now. He gets on the radar of a corrupt cop, Sai Ravi, who is hell-bent on catching him and bringing him to justice.


The main character, Dhruva, played by Ram Charan, is an IPS officer in the movie who discovers a huge network of organized crime in the city. He decides to bust the whole criminal organization by taking down the mastermind behind the entire network. However, it is not an easy task to do and he is going to face many difficulties with lots of challenges in his way of doing this.

Top South Indian movies which are now Hindi dubb are easily available and now hassle-free to watch, especially for those who are unable to understand this language. Hindi-dubbed movies have become a great source of entertainment these days. is always available to share such pieces of information. Do share with us that what more you want to hear from us!


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